48VL-E240603 Carrier Comfort – 2 Ton 14 SEER 60000 Btuh Residential Packaged Gas Heat & Electric Cooling Unit


48VL-E240603 Carrier Comfort – 2 Ton 14 SEER 60000 Btuh Residential Packaged Gas Heat & Electric Cooling Unit

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48VL-E240603 Carrier Comfort – 2 Ton 14 SEER 60000 Btuh Residential Packaged Gas Heat & Electric Cooling Unit

= Single Packaged Air Conditioner and Gas Furnace System / Type of Unit
= Standard
E = Major Series
24 = 2.0 Tons / Nominal Cooling Capacity
060 = 60,000 / Heat Input Size (Btuh)
3 = 208/230-1-60 / Electrical Supply

Single-Packaged Products with Energy-Saving Features and Puron® refrigerant.
14.0 SEER
11.5 EER
81.0% AFUE (Single phase models)
ECM Motor-Standard
Direct Spark Ignition
Low Sound Levels
Dehumidification Feature
DenseWire Condenser Coil Guard–Standard
Cabinet air leakage of 2.0% or less at .5 in. W.C. when tested in accordance with ASHRAE standard 193. (Low leak FIOP models only.)

One-piece heating and cooling units with low sound levels, easy installation, low maintenance, and dependable performance.
Puron is Carrier’s unique refrigerant designed to be environmentally balanced. Puron is an HFC refrigerant which does not contain chlorine that can harm the ozone layer. The most important advantage of Puron refrigerant is that it has not been banned in future air conditioning systems as the traditional refrigerant R-22 has been. Puron refrigerant is in service in millions of systems proving highly reliable and is non-ozone depleting.
Easy Installation
Factory-assembled package is a compact, fully self-contained, combination gas heating/electric cooling unit that is prewired, pre-piped, and pre-charged for minimum installation expense. These units are available in a variety of standard and optional heating / cooling size combinations with voltage options to meet residential and light commercial requirements. Units are lightweight and install easily on a rooftop or at ground level. The high tech composite base eliminates rust problems associated with ground level applications.
Innovative Unit Base Design
On the inside a high-tech composite material will not rust and incorporates a sloped drain pan which improves drainage and helps inhibit mold, algae and bacterial growth. On the outside metal base rails provide added stability as well as easier handling and rigging.
Convertible duct configuration
Unit is designed for use in either downflow or horizontal applications. Each unit is converted from horizontal to downflow and includes two horizontal duct covers. Downflow operation is provided in the field to allow vertical ductwork connections. The basepan seals on the bottom openings to ensure a positive seal in the vertical airflow mode.
Efficient operation High-efficiency design offers SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratios) of 14.0, 11.5 EER, and AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) ratings up to 81.0%.
Energy-saving, direct spark ignition saves gas by operating only when the room thermostat calls for heating. Standard units are furnished with natural gas controls. A low-cost field installed kit for propane conversion is available for all units.
Low NOx units are designed for California installations and meet 40 ng/J NOx emissions. Can be installed in air quality management districts with a 40 ng/J NOx emissions requirement.
Durable, dependable components
Monoport inshot burners produce precise air-to-gas mixture, which provides for clean and efficient combustion. The large monoport on the inshot (or injection type) burners seldom, if ever, requires cleaning. All gas furnace components are accessible in one compartment.
Turbo-tubular™ heat exchangers are constructed of aluminized steel for corrosion resistance and optimum heat transfer for improved efficiency. The tubular design permits hot gases to make multiple passes across the path of the supply air. In addition, dimples located on the heat exchanger walls force the hot gases to stay in close contact with the walls, improving heat transfer.
ECM Motor is standard on all models.
Direct-drive PSC (Permanent Split Capacitor) condenser-fan motors are designed to help reduce energy consumption and provide for cooing operation down to 40°F (4.4°C) outdoor temperature. Motormasterr II low ambient kit is available as a field-installed accessory.
Thermostat controls
Time Guard® II anti-short cycle protection circuitry. If a non-corporate thermostat without anti-short cycle protection is used the Time Guard II field-installed anti-short cycle kit is recommended.
Refrigerant system is designed to provide dependability. Liquid filter driers are used to promote clean, unrestricted operation. Each unit leaves the factory with a full refrigerant charge. Refrigerant service connections make checking operating pressures easier.
High Pressure Switch provides added reliability for the compressor.
Indoor and Outdoor coils are computer-designed for optimum heat transfer and efficiency. The indoor coil is fabricated from copper tube and aluminum fins and is located inside the unit for protection against damage. The outdoor coil is internally mounted on the top tier of the unit.
Low sound ratings ensure a quiet indoor and outdoor environment with sound ratings as low as 72dBA.
Easy to service cabinets provide easy 3-panel accessibility to serviceable components during maintenance and installation. The basepan with integrated drain pan provides easy ground level installation with mounting pad. A nesting feature ensures a positive basepan to roof curb seal when the unit is roof mounted. A convenient 3/4-in. (19.05 mm) wide perimeter flange makes frame mounting on a rooftop easy.
Standard horizontal metal duct covers with insulation come with the unit and cover the horizontal duct openings. These can be left in place if the units are converted to downflow.
Integrated Gas Control (IGC) board provides safe and efficient control of heating and simplifies trouble-shooting through its built-in diagnostic function.
Cabinets are constructed of heavyduty, phosphated, zinc-coated prepainted steel capable of withstanding 500 hours in salt spray. Interior surfaces of the evaporator/heat exchanger compartment are insulated with cleanable semi-rigid insulation board, which keeps the conditioned air from being affected by the outdoor ambient temperature and provides improved indoor air quality. (Conforms to American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers 62.2.) The sloped drain pan minimizes standing water in the drain. An external drain is provided.

Weight 329 Pounds (lbs)
Length 44.125 Inches (In)
Width 48.1875 Inches (In)
Height 45.75 Inches (In)
Country of Origin USA
AFUE 81%
Blower Motor HP 1/2 HP
Blower Motor RPM 1050
Blower Motor Speeds Multiple
Blower Motor Type ECM (Electronically Commutated Motor)
Blower Wheel 10″ x 10″
Brand Carrier
BTU Input 60000
BTU Output 49000
Circuit Breaker – Max Amps 20
Circuit Breaker – Min Amps 15.4
Color Gray
Compressor Rotary
Condenser Motor HP 1/10 HP
Condenser Motor RPM 810
Condenser Motor Speeds Multiple
Condenser Motor Type PSC (Permanent Split Capacitor)
Cooling Capacity 23000
Cooling Rated Capacity Btu/h 24000
Cycle/Hertz 60 Hz
Drain Connection Size 3/4″
Drive Type Direct
EER 11.5
Energy Star Rated No
ETL Listed No
Filter Size (2) 20″ x 12″ x 1″
Fuel Type Natural Gas
Gas Connection NPT
Heating Capacity 49000
Ignition Type Direct Spark
Locked Rotor Amps 46
Metering Device Orifice
Phase Single
Product Family 48VL
Prop 65 Yes
Rated Load Amps 8.7
Refrigerant R-410a
Sound Level (dBA) 73
Stage Single
Tier Comfort
Tonnage 2
UL Listed Yes
Voltage 208-230 VAC
Warranty Offered Yes

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Weight 329 lbs
Dimensions 44.125 × 48.1875 × 45.75 in